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4/29/24 Earth Day Drive!

We partnered with, a division of Costar (the world leader in commercial real estate information), to host a collection drive the week of April 22nd in observation of Earth Day. They'll also be hosting a permanently located collection box for their 400+ employees in Buckhead.


Bags of containers ready to drop off to our partners at ATL FreeFridge.


Conclusion of 2-week collection drive at Chamblee High School supported by students, parents and staff.


We continue to have a collection box in the lobby of Chamblee City Hall for the public to drop off containers during normal business hours.


Drop off of 8 bags of containers and utensils today at FreeFoodCommune.



Collected and sorted containers ready to deliver to our partners at ATLFreeFridge.  



Successful collection drive at Chamblee High School basketball game last night. Students and families helped us fill 2 boxes full!

We continue to deliver containers to our partners to use, most recently to ATLFreeFridge.


Recent deliveries to our partners at:

Food4Lives on 11/18/23 (photo)

The Elizabeth Foundation on 12/1/23

ATLFreeFridge on 12/8/23


Additional deliveries of containers to:

ATLFreeFridge on 10/20/23 and 11/10/23

FoodCommune on 10/2/23


Dropped off 500 containers to ATLFreeFridge last week.

And here they are being used to serve food to their clients:


We recently dropped off approximately 500 containers to our partners at:

The Elizabeth Foundation
ATLFreeFridge (formerly Free99Fridge)


Dropped off 300 containers to The Elizabeth Foundation, who use them to help feed the homeless in our community.


Another dropoff of 400 containers to:

The Elizabeth Foundation

Food Commune



We collected and distributed over 500 containers to:

The Elizabeth Foundation
Free99Fridge volunteers



Great news! As a member of Chamblee Nonprofit Partnership Program, we were invited to introduce our program to the Chamblee Mayor and City Council and left a collection box there for the staff. Thank you for your support, City of Chamblee!

From L to R: 

Chamblee police officer, Councilmember Jimmy Furst, Councilmember/Mayor Pro Tempore Leslie Robson, ReTakeOut founder Sophia Wang, Mayor Brian Mock, Councilmember Paul Stovall


Collected and donated 400 containers and 2 bags of sealed plastic utensils to our partners:

The Elizabeth Foundation

Food Commune

Free99Fridge volunteers


Collections/donation drop-offs:

Over the past month we collected 350 containers through drop-offs, pick-ups and a collection box placed at the office of Atlanta Chinese Life in Chamblee. These containers were shared with our partners at:
The Elizabeth Foundation
Food Commune

(Photo: bags of containers awaiting drop-off)

New collection drive:

We met with residents at The Mansions at Gwinnett Park Senior Living Community today to introduce ReTakeout and explain our  mission. Collection boxes will be placed there for the next 30 days, and we'll be back to pick up the containers that are placed in there.


Collections and deliveries

We had a successful donation drive at Chamblee High School over the past 2 weeks, collecting 450 containers and 3 large grocery bags of plastic utensils from staff and students that we delivered today to our partners:
The Elizabeth Foundation
Food Commune 
Individuals working with Free99Fridge

(Photo: bags of containers and utensils waiting to be delivered)



Our first donation!

Thank you to our generous donor The Gendell Family Foundation, whose $500 donation will be used to help with our operating costs, including the purchase of collection boxes/labels, donation bags/labels, and transportation costs. Please go to our "Donate" page for details on how you can donate to our efforts.


Another batch of deliveries totaling 400 containers and 3 bags of packaged plastic utensils to our partners.


Late entry: pre-Thanksgiving deliveries:

We delivered 600 takeout containers as well over 2 paper grocery bags full of packaged plastic utensils to:

The Elizabeth Foundation

Food Commune

Individuals working with Free99Fridge



From our partners at the Elizabeth Foundation:

"On Sunday we filled up many of the recycled containers with hot yummy lasagna donated by Lasagna Love. Thanks again for sharing with us."

We received over 500 containers this week from individual drop-offs and pick-ups.

We dropped off over 200 containers to:

The Elizabeth Foundation

Food Commune

Food 4 Lives

individuals working with Free99Fridge


We had a successful donation drive this weekend in Johns Creek, collecting over approximately 250 clean and dry takeout containers and keeping them out of the landfill. We'll plan to deliver to our partners for reuse this week. Thank you to all who stopped by!



More deliveries!

We delivered 150 containers to:

Hope Atlanta

The Elizabeth Foundation

Food 4 Lives

Food Commune


From our partners at the Elizabeth Foundation:

"I can't even begin to tell you how much of a blessing the containers you dropped off served.  The very day you dropped them off I filled 30 of them up with hot chicken and rice and fed our friends in need.  They were absolutely perfect."


Our first deliveries!

We delivered 100 containers to: 

The Elizabeth Foundation

Hope Atlanta

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